Neomi Tedeschi Blankett

I was born in Genoa, Italy, to a family very active in the Jewish and Zionist fields. Having graduated from Milano University in Arts and Humanities, I moved to Israel in 1970, and settled in Jerusalem where I still live.
Here I studied drawing and painting with several private teachers, and engraving and other printing techniques at the Jerusalem Print Workshop
I also studied Jewish Art at the Hebrew University.

My works have been exhibited in several art galleries, both in Israel and abroad (Italy, USA, Russia, France). I was among the founding members of the "Red House Art Gallery" in Tel Aviv, and am a member of the Association of Painters and Sculptors of Jerusalem.

For me, drawing represents a multifaceted relationship with the reality that surrounds me. I do not see my drawing and painting activity as a means to pursue external agendas, whether social or political. For me, by studying man and his surroundings, I feel that I can come closer to the deeper questions of our existence, and these, at the end of the day, are perhaps my true subjects. I can see life in a shrub or in a face, as I can see death in a small wilting flower.

As the years go by, I feel my Italian-classical background becoming stronger, parallel to a deepening of my Jewish roots. At the same time the link to the country I have chosen to live in intensifies, as I watch my children and grandchildren growing up here. This is the inner reality that influences and shapes my work.